Sunday, 7 April 2013

30 day squat challenge and a whittling down the scales update

After yet another week of indulging and gaining nearly half a stone( I don't regret a thing) I have decided to get back on the healthy lifestyle regime. I have decided that to maintain my progress I will be "good" for 80% of the time and be less strict 20% of the time. You may have noticed that the last few days have been quite warm which is a relief, this means I will be adjusting my usual meals for more spring/summer inspiration. I have decided to add juicing to my diet, preferably in the mornings, yum! I have found some great recipes for breakfast juices that I will share them with you throughout the week. Adding juicing to my diet isn't the only adjustment I am making, I have decided to take part in a 30day squat challenge in the hope to tone my thighs (a big problem area), strengthen my core muscles and improve my posture.

wish me luck

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  1. 30 day squat challenge looks easy but OMG it is hard! I am at day 13 right now and I don`t wanna do it (I will but, I don`t want to!).