Thursday, 3 March 2016

Food: Buttercream Bakes

Cooking and baking has always been an interest of mine but I didn't think that I would develop it into a part-time business.

Buttercream Bakes was developed 6 months ago, after I baked a birthday cake for a friend's daughter. The response I received was overwhelming and I thought "I can do this". I'm still learning and developing my style but I've been enjoying the process.

The cakes I make are only covered in buttercream; it's so versatile and allows me the freedom to try new techniques. I love playing with flavour combinations and figuring out what works and sometimes what doesn't.
I thought it'd be fun to incorporate new cake recipes,decorations and projects on the blog, so that you can see what I'm up to.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Making changes

Ever sit there and feel as though you need to rearrange your whole life?
I often go through stages in my life where I like to spring clean my entire existence. For me, it gives me the chance to evaluate where I am and where I want to go. I actually always feel so much more positive and ready to tackle my next challenge. I've been "spring cleaning" this week and have been focussing on the aspects of my life that I want to change or start back again. So, here I am. I've missed you!